Inherit The Nation

Embracing Ideas that Unite Us


Our Vision

An America where every person is prepared to take their place as inheritors of a great nation.

Inherit the Nation is a movement to identify ideas that unite Americans, with a focus on three basic areas: Education, the Environment and Workforce Development. The chaos caused by radical divisions of race, gender, age and political parties often blinds us to joining hands and working together on issues of common interest. Our goal is to embrace, develop and pilot ideas all Americans can work on together.


Our Mission

To create, test, improve and sustain initiatives that deliver educational, social and economic excellence. Our initial effort is called Give the Gift of Nature, an idea that focuses on K-12 school land and how exposure to nature contributes to educational performance, community health and outcome-based accountability for all stakeholders including parents and taxpayers. Future efforts will include urban workforce development programs, local land stewardship initiatives and social impact investment opportunities.


Our Impact

We change lives by changing hearts. By networking with existing businesses, nonprofit organizations and credentialed educational institutions, we connect people of all ages to opportunities where they can make a difference.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal and NBC poll, 76% of Americans are skeptical that their children will have a better life. However, all Americans benefit when our children grow up to become successful citizens. Our greatest impact is demonstrating the power of a few people to make a real difference in the lives of our friends, family and neighbors.


Our Team

Inherit the Nation would not exist without the individuals and organizations who do the hard work to affect change in their communities.


Get Involved

Are you led to help? All Americans benefit when our children grow up to become responsible citizens. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

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Give the Gift of Nature

Give the Gift of Nature is an effort whose goal is to create a national conservancy model for K-12 school lands as both an investment in our children and the natural world they will inherit.


Research Library

There is plenty of scientific research that reveals the positive impact of nature on early childhood development and how aesthetic design increases human productivity.


Get Connected

There is much work to do and everyone can do something. Connect with us to learn about our ongoing efforts and what you can do to help.