Give the Gift of Nature

Our goal is to transform how America values public school land as both an educational tool and a national strategic asset, worthy of inclusion in any federal infrastructure strategy and implementation plan.



Millions of acres of K-12 school property (the actual land, not the buildings) have been left out of the big picture public land conservation debate and therefore is greatly undervalued as a national strategic asset. Subsequently, there is a significant disconnect between the natural environment K-12 school children experience each day and the world we wish them to inherit. We believe that this disconnect interferes with and, in fact, disrupts the larger goals of the nation, which are to improve the results of our educational system for all students regardless of zip code, race, or class status.


Our Plan

Give the Gift of Nature is an effort to create a national conservancy model for K-12 school lands as both an investment in our children and the natural world they will inherit. There is plenty of scientific research that reveals the positive impact of nature on early childhood development and how aesthetic design increases human productivity. Developing a national model that makes it easy for local communities to act upon this research is simply good common sense. Prototypes will be tested in Rochester, NY and Phoenix, Arizona. Metrics to be measured include teacher retention, student achievement, parent satisfaction, property values and neighborhood economic development.


Get involved

All American adults benefit when our children grow up to become responsible citizens. Each one of us have time, talent or treasure beyond what is required for personal survival. There is much work to do and everyone can do something. Contact us to explore your future with us and the children of America.