Our Impact

The true impact of Inherit the Nation, as illustrated by Give the Gift of Nature, will be to demonstrate that we can create the future we seek if we simply refocus our energies to improve America by integrating the power of personal choice with the strength of community collaboration.

Change making is easy when we focus on the outcomes we seek, not just what it takes to make things happen. What does this mean? Well, it’s easy to get into the weeds and become paralyzed by all the details necessary to accomplish any goal.

However, what keeps people inspired and motivated is the bigger picture - accomplishing what we wish for. So, part of the impact of Inherit the Nation is also about allowing for continuous reflection on and of our vision, which is to prepare each American to take their place in inheriting a great nation.

Our job is not to develop all of the tactics, do all the work or make all the decisions. However, it is our job to identify ideas that can unite America around Education, the Environment and Workforce Development.

Give the Gift of Nature is an experiment to integrate good environmental practices into our public education system. However, it is not about developing curriculum – something we will leave up to each school. It is also not about raising taxes to pay for yet another unproven solution for improving public schools. It is also not about making people listen to things they are not ready to hear. Those things we will leave to future considerations. However, it is about taking risk as individuals and as a nation.

This is why we seek Partners and not just beneficiaries. We are not here to “fix” the world but, rather to show that average people like you and me can make a difference, that students and teachers can create the schools they dream about, and that projects are easier to accomplish when the organizational model respects people, groups, process and results.

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